..Fallen stars and pixie dust.. (starliteshadow) wrote in the_3607s,
..Fallen stars and pixie dust..

MY LARP IS CANCELLED.. im already stressed and since channing is planning one its not like it was really cancelled.. it will just be a few days delay.. i just cant take all this drama.. i have enough to freak out about... if people still want to come over and just hang out that would be cool.. i could use some help planning the tourny...

I hand over the larping reigns to Chan and Harrison..

Im having to many things going on to do this.. honestly i just want to hang out with everyone.. maybe go to Denny's and sit and plan a Larp for next month or something.. and like i said i could use some help planning the tourny..

I hope nobody is mad at me.. but i just need to chill and Larp preparations stress me out.. cuz as stupid as this is i stress out when i have to many things going on at once..

Anyway if you want to hang out on October 28 and help me plan the tourny just give me a call 221-5684 id love too. :D
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