drchan (drchan) wrote in the_3607s,

Hey fellas, just a note for everyone.

Ashley is having her larp on friday, the 28th...see below post for more details, and don't forget to comment about Lance's b-day bash!!

But for the main note, as I've said before, there is a good chance that I will not be able to attend Ash's party due to work (unless people would help me out ^.^). Alas, also, I will be missing Halloween. So as to attempt to make everyone happy, and some people double happy, I propose a second larp, as a true 0n3 y34r aniversary. We will have it on the day after halloween, All Saints Day, as an homage to the first. In addition, we will base it similarly. It will be taking place on All Saints Day in sometime in the late 1700s, early 1800s (1780-1830s). Come as whatever you'd like, however, folklore is heavily encouraged.

Harrison and I have yet to find a place for this, so if anyone has an idea, please let us know, but it will happen. Alrighty guys...Peace out and Much love

Charter Member, Board Member, White King

P.S. Board Member Roll Call
Black king (PJ)-- Missing In Action
Black queen (Stephanie)-- Away, not too far, but far enough
White king (Channing)-- Still partying, and never gave up
White bishop (Harrison)-- Still partying, and never gave up
White queen (Ashley)-- Still secretarying, and never gave up

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