stephanie lynn (insane_dramatic) wrote in the_3607s,
stephanie lynn

Just because I like this picture...Channing...just look at that emotion in your face! :) I miss you all.
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ugh...I try to forget that scene...despite the efforts of the douches who sing it constantly.
Ugh! And! I look so pained in that picture!
I love it.. and you Steph.. when are coming down again???
I heartchu! Ashley, my love, I am coming down this weekend, I believe!!! -crosses fingers-
I miss your silliness and I could really use some of your spunk. Maybe it's just my computer... but channing's head is cut off.
my comp is weird too, his heads cut off
Yeah I know. I could use being there. You have my boyfriend and I don' I can trade you some spunk for a bit of time with him. ^.^

Say, can you give me the dl about being a Disney character???